Kinks - Yugoslavia 13 skivor
Sweet Lady Genevieve / Sitting In My Hotel (Orange Label) 1973 (YUG Single PS)
Supersonic Rocket Ship / You Don't Know My Name (Orange Label) 1972 (YUG Single PS)
Skin And Bone / 20th Century Man (Orange Label) 1971 (YUG Single PS)
Sitting In The Midday Sun / One Of The Survivors (Orange Label) 1973 (YUG Single PS)
Preservation / Salvation Road (Orange Label) 1974 (YUG Single PS)
Celluloid Heroes / Hot Potatoes (Orange Label) 1973 (YUG Single PS)
Apeman / Rats (Black Stateside Label) 1971 (YUG Single PS)
THE KINKS FIRST (Purple Badmington Label) 1989 (YUG LP Stereo)
THE KINKS - THE HIT SINGLES (Purple Badmington Label) 1989 (YUG LP Stereo)
SLEEPWALKER (Lightblue Label) 1977 (YUG LP Stereo)
FACE TO FACE (Purple Badmington Label) 1989 (YUG LP Stereo)
Colin Vearncombe - Black - YUG 3 skivor
WONDERFUL LIFE (Insert) (White Label SP 5165) 1987 (YUG LP Stereo)
COMEDY (Insert) (White Label RTB 220 604) 1988 (YUG LP Stereo)
BLACK (Insert) (White Label RTB 221 767) 1991 (YUG LP Stereo)
PAUL ANKA EP & SINGLES (Yugoslavia) 2 skivor
The Fools Hall Of Fame / Send For Me / Uh Huh / I'm Comming Home (RADIO-TELEVIZIJA BEOGRAD) 1964 (YUG EP PS)
Diana / Crazy Love / You Are My Destiny / Adam And Eve (RADIO-TELEVIZIJA BEOGRAD) 1963 (YUG EP PS)
Kinks - Covers 517 skivor
Most Exclusive Recidense For Sale - DELFINI ZAGREB (Jugoton) 1976 YUG EP PS
Kinks - Yugoslavia 13 skivor
ONE FOR THE ROAD (Orange Label) 1980 (YUG 2xLP Stereo)
EVERYBODY'S IN SHOW - BIZ - EVERYBODY'S A STAR (Orange Label) 1972 (YUG 2xLP Stereo)
Savoy Brown 65 skivor
Savoy Brown - Live At Big Mama's 2000 (XX VHS Uno)