Beatles 18 skivor
Magical Mystery Tour (Including a 12 Page Book) 1967 (UK LP Stereo)
SGT. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Including SGT. Pepper Cut - Outs) 1967 (UK LP Stereo)
Beatles - Den Sanna Storyn Om Beates (By Hunter Davies) 1968 (SWE Hardback)
The White Album (Including Poster) 1968 (US 2xLP Stereo )
Abbey Road 1969 (UK LP Stereo)
Hey Jude 1969 (UK LP Stereo)
Let It Be 1970 (UK LP Stereo)
The Beatles - Fom Cavern To Star-Club (By Hans-Olof Gottfridsson) 1997 (SWE Hardback)
1 (Including Poster & Pictures) 2000 (UK 2xLP Stereo)
Yeah Yeah Yeah - The Beatles Erövrar Sverige (By Börje Lundberg & Ammi Bohm) 2003 (SWE Hardback)
Beatniks 1 skiva
The Beatniks Beat 2002 (CHI CD BOOT)
Becker & Fagen 1 skiva
Android Warehouse 1998 (UK 2xCD SET)
Ben Crosland 2 skivor
The Ray Davies Songbook 2016 (UK CD )
The Ray Davies Songbook Vol 2 2019 (UK CD )
Ben E King 1 skiva
Ben E King's Greatest Hits 1964 (US LP Stereo )
Bern Elliott & The Fenmen 1 skiva
The Beat Years 1988 (UK LP Stereo)
Big Three 1 skiva
Cavern Stomp (Insert) 1982 (UK LP Mono )
Billy Bremner 15 skivor
Heart And The Stone / I Don't Want To Be A Hero - As Billy Murray 1978 (UK Single CS)
Loud Music In Cars / The Price Is Right 1981 (UK Single PS)
Laughter Turns To Tears / Tired And Emotional (And Probably Drunk) 1982 (UK Single PS)