Billy Fury 1 skiva
The World Of Billy Fury 1971 (UK LP Stereo)
Big Three 1 skiva
Cavern Stomp (Insert) 1982 (UK LP Mono )
Ben E King 1 skiva
Ben E King's Greatest Hits 1964 (US LP Stereo )
Becker & Fagen 1 skiva
Android Warehouse 1998 (UK 2xCD SET)
Beatniks 1 skiva
The Beatniks Beat 2002 (CHI CD BOOT)
Beatles 18 skivor
With The Beatles 1963 (UK LP Stereo)
Please Please Me - With ''Love Me Do'' And 12 Other Songs 1963 (UK LP Stereo)
Beatles For Sale 1964 (UK LP Stereo)
A Hard Days Night 1964 (UK LP Stereo)
Rubber Soul 1965 (UK LP Stereo)
Help 1965 (UK LP Stereo)
Revolver 1966 (UK LP Stereo)
SGT. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Including SGT. Pepper Cut - Outs) 1967 (UK LP Stereo)
Magical Mystery Tour (Including a 12 Page Book) 1967 (UK LP Stereo)
Magical Mystery Tour (6 Tracks) (Including a 14 Page Book) 1967 (UK EP Mono)
The White Album (Including Poster) 1968 (US 2xLP Stereo )
Beatles - Den Sanna Storyn Om Beates (By Hunter Davies) 1968 (SWE Hardback)
Hey Jude 1969 (UK LP Stereo)
Abbey Road 1969 (UK LP Stereo)
Let It Be 1970 (UK LP Stereo)