Danzig 6 skivor
The glorious past of Glenn Danzig 7"
David Bowie 31 skivor
Aladdin Sane LP
David Bowie LP
Heroes LP
Devo 10 skivor
Devonia LP
Dickies 2 skivor
Live At The Warzone Belfast 1999 LP
Doors 23 skivor
Strange Days LP
The Best Of The Doors LP
Waiting For The Midnight Sun 2Lp
Ennio Morricone 3 skivor
Les Meilleures Musiques De Films D'Ennio Morricone LP
Frank Sinatra 32 skivor
All The Way 7"
Frank Sinatra LP
Frank Sinatra Sings The Academy Award Winners LP Gatefold
Mr. Success 7"
Young-at-Heart 7"
Frank Sinatra With Billy May And His Orchestra 2 skivor
Come Fly With Me - Part 2 7"
Girlschool 6 skivor
Hit And Run 10"
Glenn Danzig 1 skiva
Who Killed Marilyn? 7"
Guns & Roses 19 skivor
.44 Caliber Horticulture 2LP
Nightrain To Nowhere LP