Ammons, Albert and His Rhythm Kings 1 skiva
Boogie Woogie Stomp / Nagasaki / Early Mornin' Blues / Mile-Or-Mo Bird Rag 1957 (EP)
Amsterdam Klezmer Band 1 skiva
Katla 2011 (CD)
Anastacia 1 skiva
Paid My Dues / Funk Medley (Live from Amsterdam) 2001 (CD-single)
And So She Died 1 skiva
Sorry Folks. We Really Are ("local" experimental grindcore band) 2007 (CD-maxi)
Anderson, Bill 2 skivor
Goodbye Cruel World/Po' Folks 1961 (7"-single)
Five Little Fingers/Easy Come, Easy Go 1963 (7"-single)
Anderson, Bill & Mary Lou Turner 1 skiva
Sometimes/Circle In A Triangle 1975 (7"-single)
Anderson, John 1 skiva
She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs/I Wish I Could Write You A Song 1980 (7)
Anderson, Leif "Smoke Rings" 2 skivor
Jazz á la Carte 1996 (CD)
Marlowe's Theme 2003 (CD)
Anderson, Liz 1 skiva
Mama Spank/To The Landlord 1967 (7"-single)
Anderson, Lynn 2 skivor
Ride, Ride, Ride/Tear By Tear 1966 (7"-single)
Rose Garden/Nothing Between Us 1971 (7"-single)
Andersson, Lena 1 skiva
Är det konstigt att man längtar bort nån gång?/Jag ville jag vore 1971 (7"-single)
Andrew Sisters, The 1 skiva
Greatest Hits 2000 (CD)
Andrews, Chris 1 skiva
Pretty Belinda/The Man With The Red Balloon 1970 (7"-single)
Animals, the 1 skiva
I'm Crying/Take It Easy Baby (US promo) 1964 (7"-single)
Anthony, Ray and his Orchestra 1 skiva
Dragnet/Peter Gunn (reissues from two records orig. released in 1953 & 1958) 7"-single
Aphrodite's Child 2 skivor
666 (reissue 1989) 1972 (2-CD)
Singles+ 2003 (2-CD)