Yello 86 skivor
The Stella Suite Part 1 (Oh Yeah - Dance Mix)/XS - The First Ever Version (limited bonus record with "Desire" 12"-single) 1985 (12"-single)
Vicious Games (two versions) 1985 (12"-single)
Vicious Games/Blue Nabou 1985 (7"-single)
Goldrush (Goldrush I/Goldrush II/She's Got A Gun (live)) 1986 (CD-maxi)
Vicious Games (remix)/Live At The Roxy (7"-mix) 1986 (7"-single)
Yello 1980 - 1985: The New Mix In One Go (comp.) 1986 (CD)
Call It Love (Call It Love four versions/L'Hôtel) 1987 (12"-single)
Call It Love (Trego snare version 2)/Santiago (Live at the Palladium, New York) (promo) 1987 (12"-single)
In The Movies - Oh Yeah (Oh Yeah/La Habanera/Oh Yeah) 1987 (CD-maxi)
One Second 1987 (CD)
One Second (reissue 2005, w. bonustracks) 1987 (CD)
The Rhythm Divine (feat. Shirley Bassey)/Dr. Van Steiner (instrumental) 1987 (7"-single)
The Rhythm Divine/Dr. Van Steiner instr./Tool In Rose 1987 (12"-single)
Flag 1988 (CD)
Flag (reissue 2005, w. bonustracks) 1988 (CD)
The Race (The Race/Another Race) 1988 (CD-maxi)
The Race (The Race/The Race/Another Race) 1988 (7"-single)
Tied Up - remix (Tied Up In Mind/I Love You/Tied Up In Fantasia/Wall Street Bongo) 1988 (12"-single)
Tied Up (four versions) (DJ-promo) 1988 (12"-single)
Tied Up (Tied Up In Red/Wall Street Bongo/Tied Up) 1988 (CD-maxi)