Yello 86 skivor
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess 1983 (CD)
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (reissue 2005, w. bonustracks) 1983 (CD)
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess/Desire For Desire 1983 (12"-single)
Live At The Roxy, N.Y. Dec 83 1984 (CD-maxi)
Desire/Oh Yeah 1985 (12"-single)
Stella (my first Yello-record, Fall 1985) 1985 (LP)
Stella (my very first CD, Jan. 1988) 1985 (CD)
Stella (reissue 2005, w. bonustracks) 1985 (CD)
The Stella Suite Part 1 (Oh Yeah - Dance Mix)/XS - The First Ever Version (limited bonus record with "Desire" 12"-single) 1985 (12"-single)
Vicious Games (two versions) 1985 (12"-single)
Vicious Games/Blue Nabou 1985 (7"-single)
Goldrush (Goldrush I/Goldrush II/She's Got A Gun (live)) 1986 (CD-maxi)
Vicious Games (remix)/Live At The Roxy (7"-mix) 1986 (7"-single)
Yello 1980 - 1985: The New Mix In One Go (comp.) 1986 (CD)
Call It Love (Call It Love four versions/L'Hôtel) 1987 (12"-single)
Call It Love (Trego snare version 2)/Santiago (Live at the Palladium, New York) (promo) 1987 (12"-single)
In The Movies - Oh Yeah (Oh Yeah/La Habanera/Oh Yeah) 1987 (CD-maxi)
One Second 1987 (CD)
One Second (reissue 2005, w. bonustracks) 1987 (CD)
The Rhythm Divine (feat. Shirley Bassey)/Dr. Van Steiner (instrumental) 1987 (7"-single)