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Sounds of Joy: The Best New and Recent Releases on The Naim Label 2006 (CD)
The New Sound Of Jazz: Blue Toucan Music 2006 2006 (CD)
The Roots Of Bob Dylan (Mojo magazine) 2006 (CD)
World 2006 2006 (2-CD)
Brit Jazz Breaks Out 2007 (CD)
Classic Rockabilly 2007 (4-CD)
In Search Of Syd - 15 Mind-Bending Freak-Outs! (Mojo magazine) 2007 (CD)
Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Santana - A Night At The Family Dog (live 1970, 58 min) 2007 (DVD)
Rookie '07 Sampler (Hultsfred, promo) 2007 (CD)
Space Age Cocktail Lounge 2007 (3-CD)
Stax Soul Power! (Mojo magazine) 2007 (CD)
Stoned (Mojo magazine) 2007 (CD)
Stooges Jukebox (Mojo magazine) 2007 (CD)
Time of the Templars 2007 (3-CD)
August 2008 (Relix magazine) 2008 (CD)
Go Ride The Music/West Pole 2008 (DVD)
Heavy Mod (Mojo magazine) 2008 (CD)
Rebel Music (Mojo magazine) 2008 (CD)
San Francisco Sessions: Vol.6 mixed by Inland Knights & Olivier Desmet 2008 (2-CD)
The New Dictionary Of Blues And Soul (Mojo magazine) 2008 (CD)