Asleep At The Wheel 5 skivor
Western Standard Time 1988 (LP)
Wide Awake!/Live in Oklahoma (live 1986) 2003 (2-CD)
Performed At The Sellersville Theatre, February 24, 2006 - Sellersville, Pennsylvania 2007 (DVD)
Art Of Noise, The 17 skivor
Beat Box/Moments In Love 1983 (12"-single)
Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise (reissue 2000, new cover) 1984 (CD)
Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise (Deluxe CD + DVD Edition reissue 2011 w. CD bonus tracks) 1984 (CD/DVD)
Edited/A Time To Clear (It Up) (picture disc) 1984 (12"-single)
Closely Closely (Enough's Enough)/Moment In Love - The Time To Hear (You're Listening) 1984 (12"-single)
Moments In Love/Love Beat 1985 (7"-single)
Legs (two versions)/Hoops And Mallets 1985 (12"-single)
With Max Headroom 7" - Paranoimia/Why Me? 1986 (7"-single)
Peter Gunn (feat. Duane Eddy)/Something Always Happens 1986 (7"-single)
In Visible Silence (live, 60 min.) 1986 (VHS)
In Visible Silence 1986 (CD)
Daft (comp.) 1986 (CD)
In No Sense? Nonsense! 1987 (CD)
Dragnet (Dragnet/Acton Art/Dragnet/Dragnet) 1987 (12"-single)
The Best Of ... (12"-singles, blue cover) 1988 (CD)
Below The Waste 1989 (CD)
The Best Of ... (7"-singles, pink cover) 1992 (CD)