Wiklund, Gunnar 6 skivor
Snart Så Kommer Åter Ljusa Tider/Drömmer Om Dig 1968 (7"-single)
Mest Av Allt: Allt Det Bästa 2001 (2-CD)
Wilber, Bob & Kenny Davern 1 skiva
Soprano Summit in Concert (live July 30, 1976) 1976 (LP)
Wilburn Brothers, The 1 skiva
Roll Muddy River/Not That I Care 1963 (7"-single)
Wilcox, Harlow & The Oakies 1 skiva
Golden Guitar Flower/The Gold Eagle 1970 (7"-single)
Williams & Cecil Taylor, Mary Lou 1 skiva
Embraced (live 1977, reissue 1995) 1978 (CD)
Williams, Andy 1 skiva
Charade/A Fool Never Learns 1963 (7"-single)
Williams, Don 1 skiva
You're My Best Friend/Where Are You 1975 (7"-single)
Williams, Hank 2 skivor
I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive/Jambalaya (On The Bayou) 1958 (7"-single)
40 Greatest Hits (reissue 1988) 1978 (2-CD)
Williams, Hank Jr. 1 skiva
Angels Are Hard To Find/Getting Over You 1974 (7"-single)
Williams, Jr., Hank 1 skiva
I Walked Out On Heaven/Your Love's One Thing (I Ain't Forgot) 1970 (7"-single)
Williams, Lucinda 1 skiva
Live @ The Fillmore (live 20-22 november, 2003) 2005 (2-CD)
Williams, Tex & his Orchestra 1 skiva
All Time Greats (Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)/Wild Card/The Leaf Of Love/That's What I Like About The West) 1954 (EP)
Williamson, Sonny Boy 1 skiva
Down and Out Blues 2010 (2-CD)
Wills, Bob 7 skivor
Rosetta/Blues In 'A' (US promo) 1963 (7"-single)
Born To Love You/Fiddle Bird (US promo) 1967 (7"-single)
King Of Western Swing (cutout, reissue 1980) 1967 (LP)
Across The Alley From The Alamo/I'm Living In The Middle Of Nowhere (US promo) 1968 (7"-single)
If I Had Just A Home To Go Home To/Southwestern Waltz (US promo) 1969 (7"-single)