Ellington, Duke 7 skivor
Take The A-Train/Mood Indigo/Things Ain't What They Used To Be/All Of Me EP
Cowsills, The / Unit Four + Two 1 skiva
Indian Lake / Concrete And Clay (possible bootleg) 7"-single
Colignon, Ray 1 skiva
Colignon Recalls ... No. 2 (Isle of Capri/Peg O'My Heart/All of Me/Deep Purple/Delicado/In a Little Spanish Town/Mexicali Rose/Temptation Rag/+ 2) EP
Cold Blood 3 skivor
same/Sisyphus (reissue 2001) CD
Coasters, The 1 skiva
Yakety Yak/Along Comes Jones (reissue 1973?) 7"-single
Burdon, Eric & The Animals 1 skiva
San Franciscan Nights/Monterey (reissue) 7"-single
Billy & Lillie 2 skivor
La Dee Dah/The Monster (reissue of record from 1957) 7"-single
Babs, Alice & Titti 1 skiva
Droppen Dripp och Droppen Drapp/Brevet till Lillan (non sale issue for KalasPuffar) 7"-single
Autry, Gene 1 skiva
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Here Comes Santa Claus (reissue of songs from 1949 and 1947) 7"-single
Anthony, Ray and his Orchestra 1 skiva
Dragnet/Peter Gunn (reissues from two records orig. released in 1953 & 1958) 7"-single