Watain 1 skiva
Reaping death CDS
Wax 2 skivor
Building a bridge to your heart 7"
Right between the eyes 7"
Waysted 3 skivor
Save your prayers LP
Vices LP
Waysted LP
Weeping Willows 1 skiva
Broken promised land CD
Wellander/Ronander 1 skiva
Wellander/Ronander LP
Wham 1 skiva
Where did your heart go 7"
White Lion 3 skivor
Big game LP
Mane attraction LP
Pride LP
White Wolf 1 skiva
Endangered species LP
White Zombie 8 skivor
Astro-creep:2000 CD
Electric head Pt.2 CDS
Electric head pt.2(The ecstasy)Australian tour single CDS
Make them die slowly CD
More human than human CDS
More human than human CDS
Super-charger heaven cds