Yardbirds 5 skivor
Over Under Sideways Down - Roger The Engineer (expanded) 1998 (CD)
Yardbirds '68 (UK orig w booklet) 2017 (2LP)
Yelvington, Malcolm 1 skiva
Gonna Have Myself A Ball LP
Ylvisaker, John 1 skiva
Cool Livin' LP
Young Gods 1 skiva
Play Kurt Weill LP
Young, Neil 6 skivor
A Treasure CD
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere CD
On The Beach CD
Tonight's The Night CD
Time Fades Away (US orig w poster) 1973 (LP)
This Note's For You 1988 (CD)
Youngbloods 1 skiva
Get Together: The Essential CD
Zangeneh, Pari 1 skiva
Iranian Folk Songs 2009 (CD)
Zupfgeigenhansel 2 skivor
Jiddische Lieder (Ger orig w booklet) 1979 (LP)
Eintritt Frei (Ger orig w booklet) 1980 (LP)
ZZ Top 5 skivor
Fandango! (jap mini LP replica) 2013 (CD)
First Album (jap mini LP replica) 2013 (CD)
Rio Grande Mud (jap mini LP replica) 2013 (CD)
Tejas (jap mini LP replica) 2013 (CD)
Tres Hombres (jap mini LP replica) 2013 (CD)