Bauhaus 13 skivor
Mask (expanded) CD
In The Flat Field (expanded) CD
Burning From The Inside (expanded) CD
Banks, Homer 1 skiva
Hooked By Love - The Best Of CD
Band 2 skivor
same (expanded) CD
Music From Big Pink (expanded) CD
Balfa Brothers 2 skivor
Play Traditional Cajun Music - Volume I And II CD
Baez, Joan 1 skiva
In Concert
Bad Company 1 skiva
same CD
Amos, Tori 40 skivor
Summertime (boot, live 940409) 2CD
Radio Spark (boot, live 980608) CD
Pinkpop 98 (boot, live 980601) CD
B Level (boot) CD
13th Floor Elevators 6 skivor
Psychedelic Sounds Of (mono) LP