Beatles 48 skivor
Beatles For Sale CD
Abbey Road CD
A Hard Day's Night CD
Bauhaus 13 skivor
The Sky's Gone Out (expanded) CD
Swing The Heartache - The BBC Sessions CD
Rest In Peace - The Final Concert 2CD
Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape (expanded) CD
Mask (expanded) CD
In The Flat Field (expanded) CD
Burning From The Inside (expanded) CD
Banks, Homer 1 skiva
Hooked By Love - The Best Of CD
Band 2 skivor
same (expanded) CD
Music From Big Pink (expanded) CD
Balfa Brothers 2 skivor
Play Traditional Cajun Music - Volume I And II CD
Baez, Joan 1 skiva
In Concert
Bad Company 1 skiva
same CD
Amos, Tori 40 skivor
Summertime (boot, live 940409) 2CD
Radio Spark (boot, live 980608) CD
Pinkpop 98 (boot, live 980601) CD
B Level (boot) CD