16 Horsepower 30 skivor
Hoarse (Ger orig) 2014 (2LP)
15.60.75 (Numbers Band) 1 skiva
Jimmy Bell's Still In Town 2000 (CD)
13th Floor Elevators 6 skivor
Psychedelic Sounds Of (mono) LP
7th Heaven: Music Of The Spheres - The Complete Singles Collection 2009 (CD)
Psychedelic Sounds Of (expanded) 2010 (2CD)
Headstone: The Contact Sessions 2010 (CD)
Easter Everywhere (expanded) 2010 (2CD)
Bull Of The Woods (expanded) 2011 (2CD)
? And The Mysterians 1 skiva
Cameo Parkway: The Best Of 2005 (CD)