Budgie 26 skivor
If I Were Britannia I'd Waive The Rules 1976 (8-Track)
Bellamy Brothers 41 skivor
You Can Get Crazy 1980 (8-Track)
The Two And Only 1979 (8-Track)
Greatest Hits 1982 (8-Track)
Beatles, The 206 skivor
Yesterday And Today/Beatles VI 1967 (8-Track)
Yesterday And Today 1966 (8-Track)
Yellow Submarine 1969 (8-Track)
The White Album 1968 (8-Track)
The Early Beatles 1965 (8-Track)
The Beatles Second Album 1964 (8-Track)
The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl 1977 (8-Track)
Something New 1964 (8-Track)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 (8-Track)
Rubber Soul 1965 (8-Track)
Revolver 1966 (8-Track)
Rarities 1980 (8-Track)
Please Please Me 1963 (8-Track)
Meet The Beatles! 1964 (8-Track)
Magical Mystery Tour 1967 (8-Track)
Live! At The Star-Club In Hamburg, Germany; 1962 1977 (8-Track)