101 Strings 65 skivor
Back Beat Symphony 1961 (LP)
25 Years Of Show Hits 1961 (LP)
With Love From London 1962 (LP)
Inspiration And Meditation 1962 (LP)
The Soul Of Mexico 1963 (LP)
Fly Me To The Moon 1963 (LP)
Songs Of The Seasons In Japan 1964 (LP)
I Left My Heart In San Francisco 1964 (LP)
Christmas Moods 1964 (LP)
My Fair Lady 1965 (LP)
Million Seller Hits Of 1966 1966 (LP)
Cole Porter 1966 (LP)
The Tijuana Sound 1967 (LP)
The Soul Of Israel 1967 (LP)
The Romance Of Magic Island 1967 (LP)
Sounds Of Today 1967 (LP)
Songs Of Love 1967 (LP)
Songs Of Faith 1967 (LP)
Camelot 1967 (LP)
Best Of The Soul Series 1967 (LP)