101 Strings 65 skivor
Play Hits Written By The Beatles 1968 (LP)
Here Come The Birds 1968 (LP)
The Sounds Of Love 1969 (LP)
Plays Hits Of Today 1969 (LP)
Gold Award Hits 1969 (LP)
The Romance Of Hawaii 1970 (LP)
The Exotic Sounds Of Love 1970 (LP)
African Safari 1971 (LP)
Who Can Forget? 1972 (LP)
The Soul Of Scotland 1972 (LP)
Strauss Waltzes 1972 (LP)
Soul Of Greece 1972 (LP)
Dynamic Percussion 1972 (LP)
Country Music Hall Of Fame 1972 (LP)
Spain 1973 (LP)
Hit Songs From Hit Movies 1973 (LP)
Day By Day 1973 (LP)
International Tangos 1974 (LP)
Hit Sounds - New And Old 1974 (LP)
T.V. Themes 1975 (LP)