5000 Volts 1 skiva
same 1976 (LP)
A Reminiscent Drive 2 skivor
Mercy Street 1997 (CD)
Ambrosia 2000 (CD)
A Tribe Called Quest 2 skivor
People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (reissue 2003) 1990 (CD)
Midnight Marauders (reissue 2003) 1993 (CD)
Aarset's Electronique Noire, Eivind 1 skiva
Light Extracts 2001 (CD)
ABBA 1 skiva
The Albums 2008 (9-CD)
Abersold Productions, Jamey 1 skiva
Ballads: A New Approach to Jazz Improvisation (Volume 32) 1984 (LP/book)
Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Mariner/Brown, The 1 skiva
The Best of the Academy of St. Marin-in-the-Fields 1989 (CD)
Adams, Kay 1 skiva
Where Did The Good Times Go/You Taught Me Everything I Know (US promo) 1966 (7"-single)
Adams, Ray 3 skivor
Violetta/Paradise/You Belong To My Heart/Dry Champagne 1961 (EP)
same (recordings 1961-1966) 1971 (LP)
Minnenas Melodier: Violetta (contains tracks from 1961-69) 1979 (LP)
Adamson, Barry 1 skiva
The Murky World Of ... (comp.) 1999 (CD)
Ahab 3 skivor
The Call Of The Wretched Sea 2006 (CD)
The Giant 2012 (CD)
The Boats of the Glen Carrig 2015 (CD)
Air 1 skiva
Live Air (jazz) 1980 (LP)
Air Supply 1 skiva
Lost In Love (stereo)/same (mono) (US promo) 1980 (7"-single)
Albert, Morris 1 skiva
After We've Left Each Other (incl. THE WORLD HIT "Feelings") 1975 (LP)