Joplin, Scott 1 skiva
The Entertainer CD
Led Zeppelin 27 skivor
It's Been A Long Time ... (live July 17(?), 1977) DVD
Stairway To Heaven (72 min.) DVD
Wearing and Tearing/Darlene (bootleg 7") 7"-single
Lewis, George 1 skiva
Archive of Folk & Jazz Music (reissue of a 1953 album + two tracks) LP
Lobo 1 skiva
Me and You and A Dog Named Boo/She Didn't Do Magic (both songs originally released in 1971) 7"-single
Martin, Steve 1 skiva
King Tut/Excuse Me (reissue of tracks from 1978 and 1977) 7"-single
New Vaudeville Bandf, The 1 skiva
Winchester Cathedral/Peek-A-Boo (songs originally released in 1966 and 1967) 7"-single
Orchester Nicu Stanescu 1 skiva
Von Den Karpaten Zum Schwarzen Meer LP
Paul & Paula 1 skiva
Hey Paula/Something Old, Something New (songs originally released in 1962 and 1963) 7"-single
Price, Mary 1 skiva
Go-Go Girl/I've Got A Heartache 7"-single
Quicksilver Messenger Service 25 skivor
Fresh Air/Mojo (Italian press, red vinyl, live versions from Fillmore: The Last Days) 7"-single
Reeves, Jim 10 skivor
Bimbo/Four Walls (reissue of recordings made in 1956 and 1957) 7"-single
Rogers, Kenny and The First Edition 1 skiva
Ruby, Don't take Your Love To Town/Reuben James (reissue of two 1969 hit songs) 7"-single
Ruffin, Jimmy 3 skivor
What Become Of The Brokenhearted/I've Passed This Way Before (reissue of tracks from 1966 and 1967) 7"-single
Sears, Paulette 1 skiva
I Am The Woman/Morning Sun 7"-single
Singer, Johnny 1 skiva
Wang, Dang, Doo/Me 7"-single
Slade 4 skivor
Beginnings/Play It Loud (reissues 2006 w. bonus tracks) CD
Smith, Jimmy 6 skivor
Respect/Funky Broadway 7"-single
Springfield, Dusty 2 skivor
I Only Want To Be With You/All Cried Out 7"-single